Hebrew Basics                


א ב ג ד ה ו ז ח ט י כ ך ל מ ם נ ן ס ע פ ף צ ץ ק ר ש ת     

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It is a pleasure to teach art to children because they work freely and without inhibitions.  As we get older we lose this and our art becomes an impression instead of expression.  From the fundamentals of line to the richness in color,  art is taught with the young artist in mind.  Learning from the masters and then coming up with our own style all comes from understanding how to use the tools that are available to us.

For the past seven years Michelle has been teaching  in a religious school setting,

home schools and private one-on-one sessions.  From the Aleph-Bet (the Hebrew alpha-bet)   to   conversational Hebrew, students learn to recognize letters, read with vowels, write the Hebrew language and begin basic conversational Hebrew. Jewish studies are also available.

Michelle has been teaching Yoga since 1998 to ages pre-k to adult.  Yoga meets all public school physical education standards. More than a sport or physical fitness program, Yoga sets a life-long foundation for well being. The postures require students to navigate and negotiate challenges within their own body and mind, the same process of focus and attention can be applied to other challenges at home, at school and beyond. The core yoga system offers age appropriate exercises.